Technology and quality


The most modern technology and controlled processes

Thanks to our 30 years of experience in the production of laminate products with gelcoats and resins, we demonstrate an excellent knowledge and feel for this subject. We are up to date with all the latest developments in the field of raw materials we use. We develop together with the industry, apply modern technologies and all under controlled production conditions. Thanks to the applied methods and processes as well as good practice, we are a certified manufacturer.

Know-how, creativity and perfection are factors in the approach to each project.

The swimming pools are completely manufactured in our company. This enables us to avoid problems with leaks and unevenness. All pools are subject to strict quality control to ensure the highest satisfaction and safety of our customers.

Leakproofness of the pool


UV protection

Protection of colour

Anti-slip technology

30-year guarantee*

*We provide a 30-year warranty on the tightness of the pool, 2 years on the color saturation, 2 years on the antistatic properties. In addition, a warranty is granted on individual devices and technical accessories according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

We use raw materials of the highest quality

Thanks to the cooperation with suppliers of raw materials of the highest quality, we are able to satisfy every request of our customers, and our products offer comfort, functionality and safety of their use.

  • guaranteed by implemented ISO systems
  • resistance to osmosis, chlorine and hydrolysis
  • resistance to UV rays and weathering influences
  • guarantee of colour fastness
  • the use of suitable materials in combination with the use of laminate allows long-term use at elevated water temperature (up to 35 degrees). C)
  • application of the latest technologies with appropriate machines and dosing systems
  • easy to keep clean
  • improvement of surface quality
  • excellent mechanical properties
  • non-shrinking curing process
  • no visible fibers / structure
  • high osmosis resistance / penetration / leakage
  • time saving due to the first layer of laminate

Manufacturer of gelcoats, resins and resin adhesives necessary for production of laminates – these are the main raw materials from which the pool is made.

Manufacturer of gelcoats, resins and resin adhesives necessary for production of laminates – these are the main raw materials from which the pool is made.


The gelcoat coating is primarily responsible for the quality of the product. Decisive for aesthetics, durability and a new protective function against UV radiation and chemical compounds used in swimming pool technology, while the coating is easily washable.


The layer protects against the penetration of water into the product and at the same time ensures its durability.


Additional layer to protect the product against osmosis, i. e. the penetration of water into the product structure.


Another structure-reinforcing layer, antosmotic.


This layer, which is responsible for the rigidity and strength of the container.


By adding metal reinforcements to the product, optimum stiffness and stability of the construction is achieved.

7Top coat

Layer for sealing and increased UV resistance.


Thermal insulation and additional reinforcement of the construction.